Creating a healthy culture in sport: event information

On Monday 22 March 2021, we hosted a virtual webinar with APEX Global Sport Group, moderated by Wayne Barnes, looking at safeguarding and creating a healthy culture in sport. Our expert panel of coaches, performance directors, social workers and lawyers presented various perspectives, including the role of Governing Bodies in embedding a healthy culture.

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Some key points we covered include:

  • What makes for a healthy culture in sport?
  • What can cause it to become an unhealthy culture?
  • How do you help people to speak out when there is an issue?
  • What do you do once people speak out? 

Whyte Review interim report: introduction

Following on from our coverage of allegations made by several current and former British gymnasts, a number of developments have been published as part of the Whyte Review interim report.

The 16-page interim report was published on 8 February 2021, providing an insight into the progress made so far and the next steps to be taken.

Interim Chief Executive of British Gymnastics Alastair Marks stated, “British Gymnastics welcomes the Whyte Review’s interim report…[and] are fully committed to doing everything possible to help the Review get the answers it needs to do what is right for the sport and gymnasts.”[1]

The interim report

The interim report provides the following updates:[2]

  • Information has been received from nearly 400 individuals, 272 of which were made directly to the Whyte Review. Furthermore, an additional 118 submissions were received via a hotline set up between the British Athletes Commission (“BAC”) and the NSPCC.
  • 64 meetings have been held with individuals in respect of information provided and 19 further meetings have been scheduled.
  • 39 referrals have been made to the statutory authorities. This has involved 27 Local Authority Designated Officers throughout the country.
  • In response to the Call for Evidence, evidence was received relating to gymnastics in Scotland. Although not previously encapsulated within the scope of the Review, Scottish Gymnastics will now come within the scope of the Whyte Review. Alongside this, Scottish gymnastics has recently set up its own review into the issues of abuse.
  • Anne Whyte QC has requested from British Gymnastics data about all of the closed complaints received between 2008-2020. There are an estimated 3,500 closed complaints, with 2,500 of those still to be reviewed by British Gymnastics. The review will analyse the volume and nature of the complaints.

Within the interim report, Anne Whyte QC provided the following next steps:

  • It will be at least another 2-3 months before all information has been gathered
  • Interviews with most of the individuals who have already made submissions are likely to be completed by the middle of March 2021
  • Individual overtures with employees or officials associated with British Gymnastics will not be made before April 2021
  • Subject to unforeseen circumstances, the full report will be completed by the end of August 2021

Concluding Remarks

The call to evidence has “exceeded expectations”[3] and Anne Whyte QC has stipulated the need for the review to be conducted both thoroughly and effectively. With a suggested due date for the full report now given, it will be interesting to keep watch as the review progresses.



[3] Ibid

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