Why choose Fulcrum?


Genuine expertise

We act for governments, listed multinationals, top-tier banks and C-suite executives.

We have been involved in many of the most significant and high profile international white-collar crime and regulatory investigations of the last decade. Because of this, we know exactly what regulators look for and how companies can end up in hot water, which means we offer an invaluable perspective when developing innovative compliance programmes which crucially work in practice.

Vertically integrated

We provide everything from initial due diligence and compliance advice through to acting as trial counsel for companies and executives facing prosecution.


By housing multi-disciplinary specialists in one firm, we have the unique flexibility to assemble the right team to suit your specific needs on a case-by-case basis.

Flexible fee structures

We may have started life as a law firm, but don’t let the words ‘law firm’ put you off: we don’t bill like a law firm.

We don’t impose billable targets on our team, and we prefer to operate on a fixed-fee basis for our clients.

Our years of experience doing business in this way means that our clients benefit from transparency, certainty and the ability to budget, regardless of the complexity or size of the matter. We will only assemble the team you need, and solve the problem you need solving, with no other motivations behind what we charge you.


The exclusive and specialised nature of our practice means we are generally conflict-free.

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We work wherever our clients need us to work and have real, on-the-ground experience in over 20 jurisdictions across the globe.


We have conducted a number of long-running projects and investigations with teams based within our clients’ offices, and are also well-versed leading technology-driven remote investigations in relation to dozens of others.

Almost all of our work involves an international element and we have on the ground experience in numerous jurisdictions including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and the Americas.

We can bring together the right team to meet the requirements of your matter whatever the location, complexity and size.

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Fulcrum Chambers is one of very few firms who have a real expertise in corporate white-collar defence and compliance processes. This comprehensive expertise allows them to provide a pragmatic, tailored advice to companies on compliance processes, as they are able to draw from their expertise in criminal defence.

Senior Regional Compliance Officer – Multinational Infrastructure Company

I felt they had a good relationship with the SFO and that there was considerable mutual respect between them.

Senior Executive – Multinational Engineering Company

More than two years on, people still talk about this gripping presentation and I am hugely grateful for the imaginative delivery which ensured the enduring embedding of our key compliance messages in the minds of our senior leadership team.

Chief of Staff, Multinational Aerospace Company

They got up to speed very quickly and were always very quick to respond…they listened to what I was saying and always acted in my best interests.

Head of International Group Function – Multinational Engineering Company

They supported and advised us implementing our legal strategy, relying on their thorough knowledge and deep experience in dealing with the SFO. They were always a source for new ideas and proposals when the situation so warranted and always provided effective advice and counsel.

Chief Compliance Officer – Multinational Transport Company

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