ESG investigations

Whether you are a publicly listed company, a private company preparing for an initial public offering, or any other type of business, we can help you deal with your ESG concerns, either to help you mitigate the scrutiny of the authorities or to help you deal with the authorities if they have already shown an interest in you.

With our significant legacy conducting criminal and regulatory investigations, our team has an acute understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, and – crucially – how to apply these in practice. Not only have we spent the last decade representing clients in some of the most high profile and high value regulatory investigations, but members of our team have previously worked within the regulatory bodies themselves. This means we have an unrivalled appreciation of how the regulators work, what they look for, and how to avoid scrutiny by remaining compliant.

Investors: ESG gap analysis

It’s crucial that businesses look beyond their own to operations to ensure the standards they’ve committed to are shared by those they do business with – whether in their supply chain or sales channel. For investors, this means that when expanding your portfolio, an essential part of the process must be to conduct a gap analysis of the target asset’s practices to identify areas which do not align with your own ESG commitments.

Fulcrum’s ESG specialists can conduct this gap analysis for you and address any ESG issues within the acquired asset, as well as providing the same implementation, onboarding and reporting services we offer to you. This means you can be assured your own ESG model is reflected throughout your portfolio, and protects your reputation as a responsible investor.

Why we’re different

At Fulcrum, we believe that with an innovative and effective compliance and regulatory programme in place, you can harness ‘risks’ as material opportunities and use compliance as part of a business-winning strategy. 

We aren’t your typical compliance consultancy, or law firm. Our team is uniquely comprised of multi-disciplinary specialists who bring a broad suite of expertise to our work. We bring together compliance officers, lawyers, forensic accountants, due diligence professionals, financial analysts and ex-State investigators into one cohesive Fulcrum team.

We have significant in-house experience, so our work benefits from an inside understanding of the challenges faced by businesses. Some team members have also spent time working for regulatory bodies, meaning we could not be more familiar with regulators’ compliance expectations and how they operate.

We advise individuals, SMEs, governments, and multinational corporations across the full range of compliance and regulatory matters, ensuring programmes are meaningfully embedded within an organisation.

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